Rhythm Section Drumlines’ mission is to educate, develop, and polish young percussion performers in a low-stress, cooperative learning environment.

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On the drumline our mission is to educate, develop and polish young performers in a low-stress, cooperative learning environment. In addition to musicianship, students learn the invaluable discipline, time management and teamwork skills they will need in high school and college.

We seek to partner with local, underserved schools to offer music instruction, performance opportunities, and/or access to percussion instruments – from outfitting drumlines to exploring African drumming. Each partnership is unique, providing services and materials that best meet schools’ and students’ individualized needs.



The idea for Rhythm Section Drumlines began in Kansas City, Missouri, more than nine years ago. Our organization’s founder came across fifteen drums in an inner-city elementary school closet. Deciding to put them to good use, the pilot after-school percussion group would become Rhythm Section Drumlines, now celebrating seven successful years of percussion programming for students in the Bay Area.


Rhythm Section Drumlines is an after-school music program that enables more than 600 hours of percussion instruction and numerous performance opportunities to almost 300 San Francisco and Oakland students each year. Our program supports eight Bay Area middle and high schools’ percussion needs, educating, developing and polishing young performers, building student confidence and providing performance opportunities at community events across the Bay Area.
Rhythm Section Drumlines is honored to partner with the following Bay Area schools:

  • Abraham Lincoln High School
  • East Bay Innovation Academy Upper School
  • East Bay Innvation Academy Lower School
  • Edna Brewer Middle School
  • Frick Impact Academy Middle School
  • Roots International Academy
  • St. Ignatius College Prepartory Academy (Magis program)
  • Willie Brown Jr. Middle School
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